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Pen&Paper are not merely an ordinary web developer.  In traditional business, think of what we do as wholesaling web development skills.  If you have an IT business and see potential in making website sales, we can help you!  We can also be useful to internet businesses that seek to outsource development.  We assist you in building websites with your branding but let us worry about all the development.

This diagram shows were we fit into your buiness.

We rely on a solid, time-tested method that has satisfied clients in the past. We delve into your company, ask a few of questions, and learn the goals of the business. From there, we develop a well-defined communications strategy, the site's Information Architecture and Technology Strategy.

In some instances, we test strategies; often we test a site's usability --- Once we're sure we've gotten it right, we develop a hierarchical navigation system. That way, we can ensure consistency as more pages are created and modules are added.  This provides full scalability for the sites future.